Small shifts in your behavior can create a big impact in your life. . Just like a small shift of a rudder can bring a huge ship to a new course, small, nearly insignificant changes done habitually over time can make a huge difference in your life.

Small shifts are easy to implement and can even be a lot of fun. You’ll improve your life without the same kind of struggle you would likely encounter if you tried to make bigger changes.

Try these small shifts to create big impact habits:

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Most people rush around in the morning trying to get ready for their day. Instead of rushing, roll out of bed 15 minutes early. 15 minutes is probably all you need to go through your morning routine a little more leisurely.

While I’ve been practicing Yoga in the morning for years, you probably don’t need to. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably discover that just five minutes of light stretching is perfect for you. In addition to helping your aging body stay young and flexible, a short, five-minute stretching session will get your blood pumping and warm up your body for the day ahead.

3. Tell someone that you love them.

Now that you’re warmed up and feeling great take 30 seconds to tell someone “I love you.” It will not only make them feel better but it will positively kick start your day.

4. Eat breakfast.

Many people skip breakfast. But like your mother told you, it’s the most important meal of the day. If you like smoothies make a breakfast shake, boil some eggs or have some yogurt and fruit. Just stay away from those “quick” pre-packaged breakfasts because they usually are anything but healthy.

5. Practice Good Posture

You’ve probably seen older people with their perennial slumped backs. In addition to being unattractive, it’s just plain unhealthy. Most of them got their posture by practicing it daily. Instead, make a habit of sitting and standing up straight. You’ll be rewarded with a healthy back and fewer aches and pains.

6. Say Something Nice to 3 People

Make it a goal to say something nice to three people. You can complement them on their tie, their smile or you can tell them that you just enjoy working with them. By the way, by brightening up their day you will also brighten up yours.

7. Take Your Lunch

Pack your lunch. Not only will it be healthier than anything you buy, it’ll save you money.

8. Take a 15-minute Walk at Lunch

Most of us have at least 30 minutes for lunch. So skip the socializing and take a walk instead. You can eat before or after. If you want to socialize ask your friends to walk with you. It’ll help all of you feel healthier.

9. Stand up at work.

As much as you can, stand up at work. It’s been shown that sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. There are special desks made at the proper height for standing. Not only will you be healthier you’ll also burn more calories.

10. Keep a journal.

A journal will help you keep track of all your accomplishments and help you to make course corrections when needed. It’s been said that if you keep a journal, you’ll be more likely have a life worth recording.

That’s it!

Use these small shifts to create big changes. Within a few weeks, or even days, you won’t even think about them anymore and they’ll be a permanent part of your new, healthy and successful life.

Now get started!