passion filled life

Are you living a passion filled life?

You’ve probably heard people say that the key to success is living a passion filled life.

Do you agree?

While you might be nodding your head in agreement, are you actually pursuing a passion filled life?

The reason most people nod their heads but don’t actually live a passion filled life is because of a dirty four-letter word. That four-letter word is called WORK!

But what if you knew for certain that by doing the work you would get up every morning filled with energy and ready for anything life throws your way and making the best decisions for you and your family?

Would it be worth the work?


Of course it would!

So How Can You Learn to Live a Passion Filled Life?

Have you ever been doing something and, all of a sudden, you look at the time and you find that hours have passed by?

When was the last time that happened to you? Was it during a certain activity like surfing or quilting or reading a novel?

Does this ever happen to you while you’re working? If it does, great! If not, then why are you doing what you’re doing?

Stephen Covey once said that one of the most important gifts that we have is the freedom and power to choose. We can use that power and freedom to choose how we invest our time.

So how do you choose to invest your time?

Wouldn’t you like to do work that you’re drawn to, that excites you, that makes a difference?

What’s interesting is almost any work you do can and does make a difference, even the humblest of jobs.

What’s key here is it just has to be something you see the value in.

There was a story about a man whose job was a cleaning supervisor in a hospital who had an outstanding attitude. He was often found helping his staff in many ways, including, at times, cleaning the hospital rooms.

While didn’t have to do this work, he did, because he felt it set a good example.

In his interview, he was asked why he was always so happy. He told the interviewer it was because his job kept people healthy, and you could see that was what he was excited about.

In his off time, he was part of church group that was dedicated to healthy living. This group had helped many of its members replace bad habits like smoking with healthy habits like exercising. It had helped many of its members get to a healthy weight and overcome lifestyle diseases like type II diabetes.

This man’s whole life was about helping others become and stay healthy. That’s how he saw himself at his job and that’s why he could perform his job with so much passion.

What are you passionate about? Go back to when time just slipped away and you were in the zone. Reflecting on these times will help you get back to your why. Like the hospital supervisor, your why will guide you to a passion filled life.

Now Go to Work!

Like I said, it takes a lot of WORK to become good at anything and you need to focus this work on specific well-defined goals that help you become better.

While it won’t be easy, it will make your life one worth living. Because as you invest your time in the pursuit of your passion your life will become even more focused. This focus will give you more energy and guide you to make better decisions.

Your passion will fuel your life with focus and energy, and open up more opportunities for you to explore.
And as this happens you’ll find that you cannot help but live a passion filled life.

It’s that simple.

About the author:

Wil Dieck is a writer, speaker, researcher, college professor and master martial arts instructor. He studies and teaches people from all walks of life how to use simple psychological techniques to develop high performance habits.

Wil’s most recent works includes the highly ranked Amazon Kindle book, Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset, Turing Simple Habits into Extraordinary Success, Modern Mindfulness, A Beginners Guide on How to Find Peace and Happiness in a Busy World and Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: the Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit.

In addition to his work as a researcher, writer, and speaker, Wil is a professor of psychology and business at San Diego University of Integrated Studies.

Wil runs a peak performance coaching practice in San Diego, California. Additionally, he regularly works with people who are suffering from stress and anxiety using meditation, hypnotherapy and NLP.