Ever needed to get something done but you couldn’t motive yourself to do it? While it can be challenging, creating motivation is a skill and one that anyone can learn with a little practice.

Here are 8 easy ways to motivate yourself:

  • 1. Ask yourself “What do I want?”

  • When you focus on what you want rather than all the steps it’s going to take to get there it’s a lot easier to stay on track. If you find yourself getting stuck on how much effort it will take to do all the actions needed to complete a large project, remind yourself of your desired ultimate outcome. Instead of focusing on the 50 hours of work or the 35 pounds you need to lose, focus on how great you’ll feel when your objective has been achieved.

  • 2. Take a break every 60 minutes.

  • Studies have found that people that try to work “straight through” get less work done than those people who schedule and take regular breaks. Working for 60 minutes at a time is a lot easier than working for 8 hours. It’ll also give your mind a rest.  Use the 60 minutes at time approach and you’ll be done in what seems no time at all.

  • 3. You’ve got to move it.

  • During your breaks stand up and move around. You can even stretch or do light exercises. Not only will you feel more relaxed you will improve your creativity, sharpen your mind, all while decreasing your stress.

  • 4. Reward yourself.

  • When you reach a milestone give yourself a reward. Give yourself something you wouldn’t regularly get, maybe a special meal or a massage. You’ll really motivate yourself by breaking your work into reasonable chunks and giving yourself small rewards as milestones are met.

  • 5. Just do it!

  • Similar to what the Nike slogan says, just get started! Once you’re started its easy to keep going.  As Lao Tzu so aptly put it, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Forget about ‘getting motivated” to start. Once you get started you’ll probably notice that the work is a lot easier than you thought.

  • Whether it’s writing one word on a blank page, making that first phone call, or just doing one pushup, just get up and do it!

  • 6. Find a motivational song or movie clip on YouTube.

  • YouTube has a ton of inspirational, songs, movie clips and presentations. Find a few songs or movie clip that motivate you. Make a play list of them and then, whenever you need a little push, listen or watch one or two of them.

  • Keep this to five minutes or so because it’s so easy to get distracted on YouTube!

  • 7. Set an alarm.

  • This technique can work wonders. Just set a timer for an hour and go to it. This is an extremely effective way to focus your mind and motivate yourself. Also knowing that the seconds are ticking away can push you to be even more efficient and effective.

  • The timer eliminates having to figure out how much time to work or when to stop and take a break. You work until the timer tells you to stop.

  • 8. List the benefits of competing your project.

  • What will you achieve by completing this project? More money, more time, a well-deserved vacation?  Will you have the body you’ve always wanted or that college degree?

  • If you need to motivate yourself pull out your list and read your reasons out loud.

  • You can learn to motivate yourself!

    Being able to motivate yourself is essential for long-term success. It is a powerful tool for creating the successful life you want.