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Are you a martial artist? Would you like to learn a martial arts secret ffrom a master martial arts instructor who has been practicing martial arts for 50 years?

Great! Because I’m going to share a story from my book, “Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset”. This stroy is about one of my greatest martial arts heroes. He had a great deal of influence on me and the majority of people practicing martial arts today. His name? Lee Jun Fat.

Lee Jun Fan was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, California. His family was from Hong Kong and worked in the embassy. They were called back to China in 1941 just in time to experience the severe hardships of the Japanese occupation.

A good actor and dancer as a child, Jun Fan got caught up in Hong Kong gangs as a teenager. But a chance meeting with a now famous Kung Fu instructor focused him on learning the martial arts. This changed his life, and the history of martial arts.

He became passionate about Kung Fu. He learned all he could before he returning to the U.S. to live with relatives around Seattle, Washington in the late 1950’s. After graduating from high school, Jun Fan became a philosophy major at the University of Washington. He also started teaching Wing Chun and got married With his young family in tow, he moved to Los Angeles to teach martial arts and to try his hand out at show business.

How Jun Fat Used the Black Belt Mindset to Become a Movie Star

In 1966 he got his big break playing a masked character in a TV series. Just 26 episodes later the series folded.

Unfortunately, Jun Fan injured his back severely which kept him from training. But it did give him time to come up with an idea for a TV show about a Buddhist monk wandering the west. He presented his idea to network executives, thinking he would be the perfect choice as the lead character in the series. Unfortunately for Jun Fat, TV executives thought an Asian actor couldn’t pull the audience needed to attract advertisers, so they gave the role to the white actor David Carradine.

Jun Fan searched for other Hollywood roles but the only ones he could find were the stereotypical, menial roles that were given to Asians at that time. He decided to leave Los Angeles and returned to Hong Kong in the summer of 1971. There he signed a two-film contract with a movie production company. In the late part of that year his first major motion picture ‘Fists of Fury’ was released.

Who Was this Star?

Of course by now you’ve figured out that the name Lee Jun Fan is known by most people is Bruce Lee, one of the most influential martial artists and martial arts movies stars of all time.

What you probably didn’t know was all the obstacles Bruce Lee had to overcome in order to reach his goals. All the things he had to do in order to become a ‘star’.

How did Bruce Lee achieve all this in only 32 years of life?

I believe he did it using what I call the Black Belt Mindset.

And what is the Black Belt Mindset?

It’s being able to take charge of the only thing you really have any control over – your mind.

Hopefully you’ll continue to tune in and discover shortcuts that will help you develop the Black Belt Mindset but for today, that’s it, thanks for tuning in and think about these wise words from Bruce Lee “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

So can you!!!!

About the author:

Wil Dieck is a writer, speaker, researcher, college professor and master martial arts instructor. He studies and teaches people from all walks of life how to use simple psychological techniques to develop high performance habits.

Wil’s most recent works includes the highly ranked Amazon Kindle book, Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset, Turing Simple Habits into Extraordinary Success and Modern Mindfulness, A Beginners Guide on How to Find Peace and Happiness in a Busy World.

In addition to his work as a researcher, writer, and speaker, Wil is a professor of psychology and business at San Diego University of Integrated Studies.

Wil runs a peak performance coaching practice in San Diego, California. Additionally, he regularly works with people who are suffering from stress and anxiety using meditation, hypnotherapy and NLP.